Introducing Haven Books

Haven Books is student owned & operated, started in the summer of 2002. Like you, we're students looking for an inexpensive alternative to buying new textbooks. Also like most students, we found even used book prices high at traditional campus venues. It's no surprise that so many students and faculty are increasingly looking to off-campus sources for their textbooks. Plus, how many of us have tried to sell our $100 textbooks and told that we would only get $10 for them? This situation has to change - and we're here to do just that.

The Little Student Bookstore that Could

We hope you'll visit our store, we're less than 10 minutes away from campus on foot across Bronson. Or less than 1 minute by bus (get off at Sunnyside & Seneca). We're still growing: your patronage is vital for our continued success. Your satisfaction remains important to us and we will strive to provide you with the best service possible at all times.

Read our FAQ page to find out more about our operations and how consignment works. If you still have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact us at (613)730-9888 or email anytime.

Remember, every book you sell at Haven Books means:

  • you are helping a fellow student save money,
  • you save one more new textbook from being printed,
  • and you are ensuring you get fair value for your book.

And for every book you buy at Haven Books:

  • you are getting good value for your money,
  • you are recycling a textbook while helping the student economy,
  • and you are paying a fellow student selling their books - not a large corporation.

Only a 5 minute walk from Campus!

Store at Sunnyside & Seneca - only one block off campus! Walk or take bus 7 St-Laurent

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