Haven Books Consignment Terms

By signing the agreement (the "Consignment Agreement"), the consignor agrees they have read and agree to abide by these terms (the "Consignment Terms").

Term of Consignment

The normal term of consignment is one (1) year from signing of the Consignment Agreement, after which the consignor may return to the store personally on or after the Expiry Date and collect consigned items upon presentation of Consignor copy of the Consignment Agreement, and photo identification if requested.

Haven Books will normally continue to offer the items for sale after this point until they are collected by the consignor, or until fourteen (14) months have passed from the signing of Consignment Agreement at which time the consigned items become sole property of Haven Books. Consignor agrees to forfeit any claim of ownership to consigned items after 14 months has passed from the signing of Consignment Agreement if they have not personally collected the item from Haven Books by that time.

Consignment Price & Commission

Consignor agrees to set a retail price for consigned items, which will be the Consignment Price for that item exclusive of tax. Haven Books will offer the item for sale at the Consignment Price plus applicable taxes, and upon sale of the item is entitled to collect a Store Commission of 20% of the Consignment Price. The remainder will be paid out to Consignor where possible.

Notification of Sale or Reclaim

Haven Books will make all reasonable efforts to notify Consignor via email within 2 weeks of sale of the consigned item. In the case of no sale, email notification will be attempted when 12 months have elapsed after the signing of the Consignment Agreement for reclaim of the consigned item. Haven Books will not be held liable for errors due to illegible writing, improper completion of any forms or procedures, or inaccurate information given in consigning an item resulting in inability to contact Consignor for any reason. It is understood by all parties that it is the responsibility of Consignor to periodically check the email address listed in the Consignment Agreement and Haven Books is not obligated, though it may attempt, to contact Consignor by other means.

Refusal of Consignment

Haven Books reserves the right to refuse consignment of any item, including but not excluded to damaged items, items which Haven Books already carries in abundance, or items that in the opinion of Haven Books will not be sold. Haven Books reserves the right to return to the consignor any book that is replaced by a more recent edition if necessary, and end the Consignment Agreement by notification to Consignor.


Haven Books reserves the right to cancel the Consignment Agreement if absolutely necessary due to circumstances out of the control of Haven Books, but will make all reasonable attempts to contact Consignor for collection of consigned items in this unlikely event. Haven Books will not be held responsible for damage, destruction or loss of consigned items during the period the Consignment Agreement is in effect.


Payment for consigned item(s) is normally by cheque issued in the name as it appears on the Consignment Agreement. Haven Books will not be held liable for any errors in writing or due to illegibility. Haven Books will make all reasonable efforts to have cheques available for collection at the store within one week of the sale of the item, though this may not be possible in some periods. Cheques may normally only be collected by the consignor in person upon presentation of a Student Card or other photo identification and Consignor copy of the Consignment Agreement. Cheques must be collected within one year of the date of issue, after which time they become the property of Haven Books and all monies from the sale of items likewise forfeit to Haven Books. Haven Books may attempt to contact Consignors by other means before this time but is under no obligation to do so.


Haven Books reserves the exclusive right to modify or cancel any Promotion or any Agreement as it pertains to a Promotion, to refuse any items submitted for consignment under Promotions, or to extend the period of the Promotions.

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