Carleton Textbooks for Less

Everyone knows that new book prices for students are becoming oppressive. Our commitment is to give students an easy, inexpensive alternative to buying new books. And to provide you a hassle-free way for you to sell your used textbooks and make money.

Why Sell My Books?

Saving your textbooks while you're not using them is as expensive as packing away your new computer into cold storage. In about two years, the textbooks are worth almost nothing on the market. Many students think they will use the textbooks later on for reference, but the truth is few are ever opened again. Get most of the money back from your textbooks by selling them on consignment before they become outdated. And if you ever need a book in the future, you can get the latest version for a reasonable price from Haven Books.

Remember, at Haven Books, you set the price your books sell at. Read more in our FAQ.

It's Students Supporting Students

Each time you consign a book with us, that's one less expensive new textbook another student has to buy. And each time you buy a textbook at Haven Books, you are actually paying other local students selling their books - not a large corporation. Read our FAQ for more information or contact us.

Close to Campus

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