Why Order Through Haven Books?

Satisfied profs have many reasons why they've ordered through Haven Books - and keep ordering. If you know of any who have done so in your department, we encourage you to ask them about us. If you don't, here are just some of the reasons why giving us a try is more than just a great idea:

Save Your Students Money

While other bookstores price their books well above the suggested retail price, Haven Books prices new books 5% below suggested retail - always! Our low overhead and philosophy of passing savings on to fellow students means significant savings for everyone in your class.

Make Your Students Money

Haven Books is student owned & operated, and 80% of the price of consigned books goes directly to other students - not to a large foreign corporation. We're the local action in "Think globally, act locally"

Turn Up the Competition

You don't need to take Economics 101 to know that so far the lack of competition for your textbook orders has resulted in higher prices, poorer service, and less satisfaction than could be had in a more competitive marketplace. You can finally change that! Order your textbooks through us and see what a difference you can make in only a few semesters. Or if you've already ordered somewhere else, use our easy online form to tell us what book you will use in your upcoming class instead.

End the Wait

Browsing both new & used inventory online and comparing prices means fewer lineups for students.

Truly Easy Ordering

Give us a try - it takes only moments to order your class textbooks online. Plus with our customizable feedback, you can choose to get e-mail confirmation when your books arrive in-store. No more hassles!

Flexible, Friendly & Responsive

Have special requests or unanswered questions? Contact us or read more in our FAQ.

Coursepacks Now Available!

To save your class even more money, consider using a coursepack instead of multiple textbooks. Haven Books is pleased to offer some of the best coursepack services available in the city, at lower prices. Contact us for a quote, and see how much you'll save your students.

So try it out - Inquire or place an order here

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